Interview with Steve Weddle of Do Some Damage

“What I like about this type of character is that it’s a kind of day-pass into a world without the constraint of conscience.  You get the experience of doing lots of bad things, and don’t have to feel guilt over it.  And then you get to come back from it.”

The entire interview is available at the Do Some Damage website!

WYSO Radio Interview

Earlier this month I gave a radio interview with Vick Mickunas at 91.3 WYSO in Miami. Here is an excerpt from that interview:

Jerry is a corrupt cop and a stone cold killer. He still lives with his grandmother. Jerry’s girlfriend is a doctor. She has no idea that Jerry is living this double life as a law enforcer and a law breaker. You see, Jerry is a highly functioning sociopath.

And the author performs an incredible feat in this book; he makes us sympathize with Jerry. In Wheeler’s story this strange damaged character becomes almost lovable.”

You can LISTEN to the entire interview at

My Bookish Ways Interview

[The Wowzer features] a “lighthearted, murdering protagonist.”

He has no overarching sense of Justice, or Right and Wrong, he only knows that he must be aware of these things because they are important to others. Really, he just wants to enjoy himself, make a little money, get in some good bowling, keep close to his girlfriend, and not rock the boat. If that means murdering some folks here and there to keep his little world safe, well, no sense crying over spilled milk, right?

You can read the entire interview over at the My Bookish Ways website.