Peter Farris Digs THE GOOD LIFE:

Here’s what author Peter Farris says about THE GOOD LIFE:

“Vivid, brimming with heady atmosphere and propelled by a ‘hero’ in Earl Haack, Jr. as vicious as a prairie rattlesnake, THE GOOD LIFE delivers a quintessential piece of American noir and affirms Frank Wheeler as one of our boldest talents. In the grand tradition of Jim Thompson, Wheeler takes us to the darkest corners of our nation’s heartland, where savagery reigns and law and order grows not from a jury box but from the barrel of a scatter gun. That’s the thing with great crime fiction. When it’s done right, it’s ugly as hell. The Good Life┬áis done right and then some.” — Peter Farris, author of Last Call for the Living, and Ghost in the Fields

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